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Decorating done, for now... - Cab

Jul. 4th, 2011

01:50 pm - Decorating done, for now...

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Hall, stairway, upstairs and downstairs landing officially done. Nasty painted woodchip gone, re-painted, carpeted, and even all of the doors fit. Had to play silly buggers with the carpet company who first didn't turn up, then took the doors off and didn't re-fit them, but they came through smashing in the end.

Now we can re-stock the wine rack with homebrew waiting to be bottled (already bottled 16 bottles) and get through backlog of wine to be made (two gallons on).

Turning attention to the last two bits that really need looking at; the back hall (the extension part) and our bedroom; living room carpet needs doing eventually, but not yet. Back hall needs rather more urgent looking over.


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Date:December 25th, 2011 01:48 pm (UTC)
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