New Bike Time Soon?

Pondering on bike 3.

Bike 1, the daily hybrid, is a fairly rugged bike to take up and down kerbs (as thats what cycle lanes tend to do), to take off road if I want to, to survive the daily pot holes, etc. Has to take a beating and keep going.

Bike 2 is the funky racer. Old school (early '80s) racing bike, I'd say what make but at heart its a bitsa, with no two components matching. Its fun, its fast, but its a bit uncomfortable for long distance riding.

Bike 3... Want a comfy touring bike.

Now I could get a good framed Giant road bike and add racks, play with gears, etc. But, no. Not the point of a road bike. The Trek touring bikes I liked aren't as easily available now. Not seeing them about. Dawes are okay (reliable, dependible, lots of other words ending in 'ible') but dull (but in a comfy touring bike, don't I WANT dull?). Other brands too of course - but yet to find one in a price bracket I'm happy with that comes to spec.

So, dunno.

Will continue pondering.

How come only just now...

Its been pretty obvious that tabloid newspapers are populated by evil fecktards for a very long time. So, like, why is everyone only just realising this now?

These papers have been employing some of the most immoral methods to gain information on sometimes very slight moral infringements by others, and whipping people up into fake, hysterical fury (when not just using the information they've gained to tittilate), and all of us have surely known about this for most of our adult lives. They have been putting massive, undue pressure on politicians to get their own way for a heck of a long time, and we have done nothing.

What changed? Are we not, as a populace massively hypocritical for only just now giving a shit?

I want the whole tabloid pressy to go down in flames, and I want the Daily Fail to be the biggest casualty; I want that immigrant hating, homophobic, lying piece of crap to be wiped off the face of the earth and for all of the sliced white bread eating Daily Wail readers to have to do the unthinkable and actually think for themselves. And if the Sun could vanish up its own arse, that'd suit me fine.  But there is something about this, its like the people are being manipulated into anger against the Murdoch at just the right time, its like we're pawns in a battle between media influences, and I resent that. I resent that a lot.

I suspect that there isn't just more to come on phone hacking, bribing the police, and controlling politicians, there is also more to come from the other side, there will be counter claims and revelations to come. It'll get dirtier and dirtier.

Decorating done, for now...

Hall, stairway, upstairs and downstairs landing officially done. Nasty painted woodchip gone, re-painted, carpeted, and even all of the doors fit. Had to play silly buggers with the carpet company who first didn't turn up, then took the doors off and didn't re-fit them, but they came through smashing in the end.

Now we can re-stock the wine rack with homebrew waiting to be bottled (already bottled 16 bottles) and get through backlog of wine to be made (two gallons on).

Turning attention to the last two bits that really need looking at; the back hall (the extension part) and our bedroom; living room carpet needs doing eventually, but not yet. Back hall needs rather more urgent looking over.

Feeling mostly better...

...from the bug that laid me low from Thursday onwards. Started like one of my extremely rare and mild migraines (optical effects, headache slowly building, feeling a wee bit spaced out and a little tired, losing appetite), and then became a fever overnight; really hot, really uncomfortable. Then the next day came discomfort, still little appetite... came home from work at lunchtime, and was suffering from monumental flatulence, which coupled with the new symptom of being really runny wasn't pleasant... But no obvious fever last night, and now not feeling so awful. Still, only eaten a slice of bread and honey today, and haven't got a strong interest in any more.

Fecking bunny huggers

I'm into animal welfare. Anyone who knows me knows that; I believe in raising animals in a way thats appropriate for their welfare. I believe in keeping them healthy and happy, and I believe in raising livestock in a way that makes environmental sense, i.e. as part of a sustainable agricultural system. I oppose a fair amount of the animal research that goes on, not because it isn't effective (it is), but because where the cost in terms of animal suffering is greater than the potential gain, I can't justify it.

So when I have run ins with bunny huggers, its not because I disagree with everything they're saying. Its not.  I actually think that the natural allies of people like me, those of us who believe in the importance of sustainable agriculture and ethical meat, are vegans; the two positions are not incompatible, they can be different responses to the same issues.

I was foolish enough to glance long enough at the animal rights campaigner stall in Cambridge today for long enough to be approached. I tried suggesting that... well, it doesn't matter. Thats not the point. I could have said that I'm from the planet Xygon and that I'm a scout for an invasion of Star Crabs. Wouldn't have mattered. What I WANTED to suggest is more important; what I wanted to tell her was that emblazoning her stall with 1970s images of monkeys being vivisected was misleading, and that in a relatively affluent city like Cambridge campaigning on factory farming (which causes more animal suffering and massively more environmental damage) is an open goal, its guaranteed to get support from people here. What I wanted to tell her was that in trying to campaign on every animal rights issue at once is foolish, and that the entire movement is de-valued by the use of misleading images and muddled values. I wanted to tell her that a hamster has got no concept of its 'rights', but if we're caring or it then we need to pay every attention to its welfare. I wanted to tell her that 'rights' are not bequeathed but fought for, and that with those rights comes a burden, being responsibility, and that therefore one cannot say that an animal has 'rights', which in turn means that one can make a stronger argument in favour of our responsibility for its welfare.

But none of that could happen. It isn't the role of animal rights campaigners to have reasoned discussion. Its not what they're out for. They're out to preach, and if they can't preach they want to sneer, and if you don't let them sneer they want to insult you. And thats the problem with the whole movement, its not based on rational logic from the ground up, its based on top-down bunny-hugging crap thats about as coherent as Paul Gascoine on a bender. And that makes their entire stance counter-productive; those who should be brought on board into animal welfare, those who with just a bit of a nudge would give up on eating factory farmed chickens, those who with some encouragement could be turned against tastelsess, pappy, pointless pork produced in conditions that barely make them better than torture, they're walking past to avoid the nutter animal rights people who will, rather than engage and try to convince, drone on with religious fervour.

So I didn't stand there for long.

I won't even BEGIN with the Cats Protection League people. They made the animal rights people seem positively intellectual.

Weekend - town and country, arbury carnival...

Busy weekend. Fed minikiwi and his prettier half - eggs florentine, followed by roast pork and vegetables, summer pudding, and cheese.

Went to town and country and bought too much tasty stuff.

Went to arbury carnival, Was quite fun.

Did shopping, picked cherries, and flaked out while it rained outside. Think I caught a lurgie somewhere along the way.

Elliphant got most put out at smeg head on the road.

Vicky the worlds most intellectually challenged hen is no longer quite so broody. Still a bit broody though.

Worried about hamster last night

She had string sticking out of her back end. I guess it was most likely that she'd got a tangle of bedding down her; it was protruding rather worryingly. It wasn't any kind of prolapse, it was too fibrous and not at all like fleshy stuff, so I gave it a gentle tug... and it came a little, but it didn't come out. Phoned the emergency vet, who said give it a gentle tug...

Thankfully whatever it was, she seems to have passed it.