Cab (cabd) wrote,

New Bike Time Soon?

Pondering on bike 3.

Bike 1, the daily hybrid, is a fairly rugged bike to take up and down kerbs (as thats what cycle lanes tend to do), to take off road if I want to, to survive the daily pot holes, etc. Has to take a beating and keep going.

Bike 2 is the funky racer. Old school (early '80s) racing bike, I'd say what make but at heart its a bitsa, with no two components matching. Its fun, its fast, but its a bit uncomfortable for long distance riding.

Bike 3... Want a comfy touring bike.

Now I could get a good framed Giant road bike and add racks, play with gears, etc. But, no. Not the point of a road bike. The Trek touring bikes I liked aren't as easily available now. Not seeing them about. Dawes are okay (reliable, dependible, lots of other words ending in 'ible') but dull (but in a comfy touring bike, don't I WANT dull?). Other brands too of course - but yet to find one in a price bracket I'm happy with that comes to spec.

So, dunno.

Will continue pondering.

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